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A panoramic view of a workshop with tools, tables, and scenic supplies.


Scenic design isn't just for the stage. Bring all kinds of custom design and fabrication to your events and exhibits with interactive props and displays, unique entryways, and more.

Check out just some of what we've offered before!

Door frames, archways, and windows are essential for establishing the stage of any event.


If your set needs to move or your exhibit needs to be interactive for its audience, rely on C. Scenic to make the experience synergetic and immersive.

Interactive Sets

When you can't find exactly what you're looking for off the store shelves, we're here to craft the impossible.


C. Scenic is dedicated to outfitting your sets, exhibits, and events with the perfect dressing, both custom and ready-made.

Set Decor

Whether it's for the stage or a window display, we're ready to create a beautiful showcase for whatever you need.

Static Sets

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