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Mercury Studio Collaborations

When founder Chad Hoberer started his work as a teenager in the world of television and film, he found himself regularly working on the set of Barney & Friends. Little did he know, he would find himself time and again at the Studios of Las Colinas and what would eventually become Mercury Studios for years to come. C. Scenic is now regularly commissioned to work on a variety artistic projects, such as staple sets like the Economic War Room and The Blaze, as well as the front security desk to the building and the American Journey Experience museum.

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Voz Media is a Spanish-language media firm currently operating out of Mercury Studios. C. Scenic was commissioned to design, build, and install a temporary newsroom set as their program expands in the DFW area and works to break into television. After only a year of being active, the site has reached 1M lifetime hits with their YouTube channel reaching 10.5K subscribers and 1M total views.

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Daystar Television Network hosts a weekly evangelical program by Zola Levitt Ministries called Our Jewish Roots, which primarily focuses on a literal interpretation of the Bible, as well as the historical origins of Christianity in Judaism. Designed after old stone temples in Jerusalem, the structure stands tall behind the casual talk show setting with windows that look out on scaled prints of photos overlooking the Mount of Olives. The program airs nationally on a hundred independent stations, hosts 59K subscribers on YouTube, and has achieved 4M lifetime views on YouTube.

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Economic War Room is a weekly conservative media program that focuses on finances and new market insights into America and Wall Street. Host Kevin Freeman has consulted for the U.S. House and Senate, the CIA, Homeland Security, and more. C. Scenic designed and constructed the bunker-inspired set and regularly assists in its maintenance and upkeep. Notable features for the Economic War Room include a replica piece of the Berlin Wall, imposing concrete walls, themed geopolitical decor, and a variety of arrangements for unique camera angles and interview placements. Their website receives 1K monthly hits, with their YouTube channel collecting 13.7K subscribers and 481K total views.

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