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Outside of our established clientele, we are constantly taking on new projects of various sizes and scopes. A party costume for a house to make it look like a castle? Absolutely. Big Foot dressed like Santa Claus? Santasquatch's his name, don't wear it out. A faithful recreation of Castle Grayskull to serve as a portal into a vintage toy wonderland? Well, by the power of Grayskull, we have that power! A Christmas town just for gingerbread people, tanks built for an enormous amount of slime, a desert-scape and a lush forest for a one-day commercial shoot, a hot air balloon basket for kids and dog selfies alike? Done, done, and also done. Seriousy. We're ready to do it all. Just drop us a line!

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Photo Nov 25, 5 39 45 PM.jpg
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