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Custom Custom Custom!

C. Scenic is built on the decades of our Benevolent Overlord's scenic work for television and film. Having worked in the industry since his teenage years, Chad saw the opportunity to gather a reliable crew of misfits with partner and Creative Kingpin Chelsea to fulfill the wild dreams of our clients. By that alone, the capital C in C. Scenic can stand for many things. Chad, Chelsea, Crew, Creative... The list can go on, but what we'll focus on here is Custom.

Most of the time, a client's needs are straightforward and to the point. A repaint here, an archway there, foam carved letters, wall flats and facades... We're always down to do it all. But sometimes, we get some really fun and wild projects that are extremely unique to our client's very specific needs and require that extra C. Scenic custom touch from start to finish. Here are some of our favorites from more recent years.

Dallas Vintage Toys' Castle Grayskull Entrance

Dallas Vintage Toys had a vision: entering into a land of classic toys and collectibles through an instantly recognizable archway of a beloved and iconic franchise that epitomized the exact corner of the market they were there to fulfill. By transporting customers into the past when cartoons were fully animated commercials for all kinds of toys, DVT would be able to capture the nostalgia of the past and bring it straight into the present. But who could possibly answer the mighty call of the Power Sword?

Hint: you're here.

C. Scenic is made up of a bunch of kids at heart, so this was truly a match made in heaven. Or, Eternia, rather. And so, the first step as always was to collect and research a bunch of references. And what better resource than the toys themselves?

It became pretty apparent that not only did the toys themselves differ pretty wildly over the years, but even the box art and design for the cartoons weren't always one-to-one. For instance, the skull's teeth varied from regular teeth to purely fangs to a mix of both. The door, also, was often more tall than it was wide. However, the fact that no matter how different each castle entrance may be, it was always recognizable as Castle Grayskull meant that we needed only to translate the key elements to this archway. And so the carving began!

Since the entrance to the shop is quite wide, the face of the skull needed to be widened as well. Large stacked stone columns frame the arch and two large, angular eye sockets as well as the skull's nasal cavity are engraved into place. With the face stretched and then given two large canines on either side of the craggy chipped teeth on top of the door frame, this baby was ready for paint.