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Our Partners in Metal!

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Along with our long-standing relationships with repeat clients, we are happy to be frequent collaborators with several local artists and groups. We are always ready to align ourselves with creative riff-raffs who enjoy the work as much as the finished product; bonus points for those with a particular brand of humor.

And as far as humor goes, the metal guys at Tiger Heart Metal Works have it in spades with energy to spare. Tiger Heart officially partnered up with C. Scenic in 2020 with the joint purchase of our current space after a three-year working relationship from separate studios.

Since joining forces under the same roof, we've worked on many projects of all kinds. While wood is strong, metal fabrication is more durable and often lends to a fantastic and unique aesthetic for our clients.

One of our latest projects together was for the Grubhub Feeding Frenzy as part of the LCS Spring Finals in Houston. The primary focus of the event was inspired heavily by the MOBA, League of Legends, and the weapons used by a number of its available characters. The guys at Tiger Heart were put in charge of constructing a bow made out of spaghetti and a fork with a meatball on the end as its arrow.

These props were commissioned to be made specifically for guests to pose with for photos, so they needed to be sturdy enough to be handled regularly with varying degrees of roughness. We knew that the noodly intricacy of the spaghetti and a bow and arrow would be best handled by the metal guys, so we passed it onto them. Sure enough, they delivered, with the spaghetti being made of round stock and a hand-cut fork made from steel plate.

Of course, small metal details aren't all Tiger Heart is capable. They work with metal on all kinds of levels, from equipment to doors, from signs to tables. These guys are always up for a challenge, making them the perfect team to collaborate with.