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🍾 To 2023 and Beyond

Let's get the cliché's out of the way:

  • Boy, 2022's been a year!

  • How about that 2022?

  • Wow! I can't believe 2022 is over.

  • As 2022 comes to a close...

  • It's time to say goodbye to 2022.

  • Sayonara, 2022!

And all of that schmultz.

Jokes aside, we've worked on some really cool projects this year, and what better time to highlight them than right as Old Man 2022 is getting kicked out the door?

Grubhub Prop Food Weapons

Not much is cooler than weapons made out of your favorite foods. We made these fantastic props for the 2022 LCS Spring Finals at NRG Stadium in Houston, TX, sponsored by Grubhub. Inspired by character weapons in League of Legends, these pepperoni pizza shields, cheeseburger flails, and spaghetti bows with meatball arrows were definitely a highlight commission of the year. It's always fun to branch out of our typical large-scale sets to get crafty with brand activation events like this one.

BriannaPlayz Slime Tanks

Another fun and eccentric project we got to build were the slime tanks for the YouTube channel BriannaPlayz. These tanks were definitely a challenge due to the density of the slime and having to make sure that they didn't leak when bodies got submerged inside them. If you haven't caught the video yet, it's definitely a fun watch as this family of contestants compete with micro-challenges inside the slime tanks. Check it out!

Manga on Main

Admittedly, this was a project that started in 2021, but things really got going in 2022. We outfitted this restaurant and bar space in Houston to look like the Hidden Leaf Village from the series Naruto with additional anime-inspired rooms, including vignettes from My Hero Academia. You can read more about our work on it here.

Noodle Shop Podcast

Speaking of our favorite Japanese cartoons, our other anime-focused project was the set for OTK Network's brand new anime discussion podcast, Noodle Shop. For a full breakdown of the design process, you can read the blog here, or you can check out the YouTube channel for the podcast over here.

TruVine Studio

Helping out local artists fulfill their dreams is always a highlight, and this year, we worked on this photo studio start-up in Mansfield, TX. If you need a peerspace in the DFW area, you can rent out TruVine Studio for photoshoots, filming, or social media posts.

There are a handful of other projects we've worked on this year that can't be shared yet, so be on the lookout here at the blog and on our social media platforms like Instagram to see all of the cool, exclusive behind the scenes looks. We're stoked for what's to come in 2023, and we hope you'll stick around and follow us as we continue to create!

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