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A panoramic view of a workshop with tools, tables, and scenic supplies.


From design to fabrication, and installation to set decoration, we do it all. No matter what stage you're at, our team of designers and builders can help you bring your dream into reality. 

Check out some of our past projects!

Design & Renderings

Every design starts somewhere. We work with a variety of designers in and out of house to help you visualize what's to come.

Manga on Main Pop-Up Bar

With C. Scenic, even the 2D can become 3D with fully realized scenes, sets, and characters.

Rusty Krab Experience Pop-Up Bar

No matter the theme or setting, we use our skills to create a fully immersive world where no detail is too small.

Wondr Health Webcast Sets

With geometric patterns, meticulous cutouts, and flawlessly smooth finishes, C. Scenic has an eye for precision and perfection.

Dallas Arboretum’s Christmas Village

From the design phase to the build and construction and even beyond the install, we are committed to executing a project to completion, including set decoration.

Shops at Legacy Gingerbread Village

Design isn’t just about aesthetic, but also durability. Our builds are built to last, sometimes across many years.

HBO's The Leftovers

If your set needs to be television ready, then C. Scenic is there to help your decoration and fabrication needs.

Highlights from Repeat Clients

C. Scenic prides itself on the connections and long-term relationships we have with our clients.

Other Project Highlights

There's no project too big or small for us to work on. Designing, painting, building, and installing, C. Scenic can do it all!

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